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Your life and what you love about this season you’re in documented. My goal is to capture your story in an artistic way to preserve what it feels like to enjoy and remember for years to come. I’ve found the best way to capture my clients’ stories is through unscripted sessions, meaning that you won’t be posing, but rather simply enjoying your time together as I photograph all the moments and connections between you and your loved ones.

“It is the sweet, simple things of life that are the real ones after all.”

Meet the Photographer

Jamie Scholberg is a family photographer motivated by a belief that one of the greatest purposes in life is to know and be known. Her intimate work documenting local families serves as a celebration of life in all its imperfect and often quirky glory. She has called many places home including South Korea and Panama and currently resides in El Paso, TX, with her husband, 3 kids, 2 cats, and 6 chickens. Though Jamie takes great pride in growing her garden and lawn in a desert, she has yet to keep a single houseplant alive. She is dedicated to cultivating her children's curiosity about the world and finds photography to be the perfect outlet to continue to learn about the people and places around her. After decades of moving every few years, Jamie dreams of settling down in a few years with her family on a few acres of land in Texas or maybe Northern Idaho; she also hears Colorado is nice.

El Paso Family Photographer

What Clients Say About The Experience

“I loved my experience with Jamie. She was able to capture the personalities of each of our family members brilliantly. She also worked well with our autistic daughter and was able to record our daily experience respectfully, which means so much more to us than a posed photo.”

—Sara I.

“Jamie has an uncanny ability to stir up feelings that draw me back into the moments she captured for us. I'm so happy I have her insightful work to help me hold onto my memories.”

—Erin H.

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